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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Fresh Ideas Contest

All right, as Spring begins to finally blossom, so does the urge for new ideas. Since my brain is a little frazzled right now, I need fresh, fun brains to give me new and exciting ideas.

With that in mind, here is the contest:

Please look at my photos at my Etsy shop www.ravenworks.etsy.com Look around at the items, and think of great new creations I could make with my skills. Think I should expand my dragon line in some way? Perhaps you have an idea for a new scent combo for my body products? Maybe there's images you'd really like to see in my new, forth coming line of collage pendants? Bring it on!

The person with the best suggestion will win a wonderful goodie bag from RavenWorks, as well as see their idea put into motion. You can enter as many great ideas as you like. Contest deadline is April 15th.

So come on, inspire me!

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