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Monday, April 9, 2007

New Endeavor

Several years back I bought one of my favorite pieces of jewelry at a craft fair. It's a large, Asian stamp, sandwiched between two pieces of glass, and then soldered around the edges and hung from a black leather cord. A fairly simple piece, it occasioned comment every time I wore it.

Since becoming involved in the Etsy community, I've noticed that these style of pendants, often called "collage" pendants, are immensely popular right now. After seeing all of the fun and unique twists on this style of pendant, I decided to make it my next craft to master.

I have now gathered together the necessary tools, books and advice, and keep waiting for the right moment to plunge in. However, I find myself oddly hesitant. The glass cutting, the molten solder, makes me suddenly shy and nervous. I out it off, day after day, my fun new craft toys sitting on my floor in plastic bags.

I've never been so apprehensive about embarking on a new craft before. Is it fear of failure where so many others are succeeding so well? Is is a simple fear of burning my house down with dripping solder? Perhaps.

This coming weekend however, I'm vowing to take glass, solder, and the various other elements, and make it come together. You'll see. I'll make this craft submit to my yet. Hahahahaha.

Wish me luck. Watch for fire notices in the local paper.

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