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Friday, October 17, 2008


In the midst of my recent (and still ongoing) severely long jewelry creativity-block, I rediscovered knitting. I did a few simple things that were quick, easy, and extremely relaxing. Knitting has been a good way to keep my craftiness going, my hands moving, and my creativity from completely stagnating.

During this time, I also got myself a new puppy:

Isn't he a doll?

Anyways, one of the many things my new puppy has given me, is creative inspiration. I'm taking my knitting to a whole new level by attempting to knit doggie sweaters (I'll let you all know how that turns out). Not only that, but he's given me a lot of inspiration in the direction of my jewelry as well. He's really made me think about what other people are passionate about, what moves them.

So, what is your biggest source of creativity?


Anna said...

Awww, what a sweet fur baby!! I get my inspiration from all over, but patterns usually grab my attention first!

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Your puppy is so cute!!! Sometimes I just don't feel inspired, so I put the jewelry on hold. Usually if I take a break, when I come back to it I am brimming with new ideas. I am inspired by the beauty that nature constantly offers us.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Cute puppy! I just picked up knitting myself :P

Three Fates said...

Oh, that is the cutest puppy I have ever seen.

When I'm in a dry spell I try to look in different places for inspiration, places that I would have never looked before. And sometimes I just need to walk away for a while. That always helps.

Craft Junkie said...

OMG, he is absolutely adorable! What did you name him?

I think he may be MY inspiration. LOL

Ragtree said...

Your puppy is SOOO cute!

My biggest inspiration is music, but I always get inspired by the changing of the seasons.

Renee :)

Leah said...

When I'm having a creative block, there are a lot of things I try that sometimes help - sorting my beads and supplies, cleaning my house, exercising, nature walks, reading, catching up on business stuff, and like you, doing a totally different craft for a little while, like knitting. None of these work all the time, but by the time I've tried all of them I'm usually unblocked!

ESCUDERO said...

Hi love your puppy. I have a Chihuahua and I looooovvvveee her. You are going to have so much fun when you dress the baby......Sounds inspiring to me!