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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back On The Horse

After a very prolonged creativity/productivity block, I'm finally starting to get back up to speed with my jewelry making, while still progressing with some new knitting projects.

Now that I've reestablished my contact with the first shop my jewelry is carried at, I'm already buried in FOUR commission pieces! What a way to dive in face first. I"m pretty nervous, but they sound like smaller jobs, so I'm praying it won't be too overwhelming.

The other shop that my jewelry just recently got into has sold one of my pieces, and the owner is offering to give me private lesson time if I'll work a few hours on Saturdays leading up to Christmas. Since this man is my original silversmithing instructor, and he's super talented, I'm VERY excited. This is a great way to pick up some new skills and get moving again.

What really got me moving though, was spending a day making jewelry with my mom. She came up from Vermont to visit for the weekend, and we spent some time shopping for jewelry supplies (which I hadn't done in ages) and then putting together some jewelry. Since she is a real novice, I got to help her with some basic skills, and her excitement and enthusiasm was contagious. I've caught the creativity bug once again!


Beat Black said...

I was starting to get up to speed too and then came the custom orders... sometimes they're fun but mostly just drive me crazy, lol

hope you continue the way your going :)

storybeader said...

congrats on your commissions. I haven't seen your work before, but I love the look of wirewrapping - have to go to your etsy shop and look closer (I'm at etsy too, but maybe you know that already...)

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Yes, it's time to throw myself into my work isn't it.