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Monday, January 28, 2008

Back Again

With a new year comes new resolve, new promise, and new hope. This year I'm going to be working harder on my blog and exposure for my work in general. I've recently opened a Flickr account, where I can be found under the name RavenWorksStudio. I've also been listing new items on Etsy, and working to list consistently, and only once a day in order to spread out my listings.

Perhaps the biggest news is that I will be bringing my work to bigger and better shows this year, with far more inventory and a better displays than before.

One of the newest additions to my inventory is beaded rings. Here are samples of my newest ones:




I'm very happy with them, and expect them to evolve as show time approaches for the 2008 season. I'll be sure to post photos as the designs change.

Expect more for 2008. RavenWorks will make it happen :)

1 comment:

Xiane said...

I'm in love with that purple ring! I like the new things, and I'm glad to see you posting again!