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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Art Dolls

For a while now I've been studying the craft of doll making. I've purused sites of other artists, poured over patterns, and read ever book I can get my hands on. It's become my newest craft obsession, but one I"ve been hesitant to jump into.

While certain art dolls can be wildly abstract, I'm more drawn to the fantasy figures, the ones that look perfectly real, in fantastic costumes. Creating something like that is an intense undertaking, from proper body proportions, to carefully constructed faces, to tiny, detailed costuming.

I have began creating one cloth doll, and have created a few faces out of polymer clay. I've also invested in an air dry clay made specifically for doll making. It's just hard to take the plunge and try to create an entire doll.

Tomorrow, a fellow crafter and doll devotee will join me at my house, and we've agreed to share materials and ideas, and attempt to create some preliminary dolls. My friend is eager to produce a line that can be ready for summer craft shows. I'm not sure if we'lll be ready by then, but I am excited to finally get my hands dirsty and try to piece together an entire doll. I'll be sure to post photos of the process :)

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