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Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's Better When It's Handmade

This is a great little list over on Etsy Wiki that I thought should be shared.

Reasons to buy handmade
From EtsyWiki

* You are purchasing higher quality products, made with love and care by the artisan.

* You are purchasing unique items that are not mass-produced. Even if the same product may be made a thousand times each will be unique in some tiny way.

* Buying handmade supports artists, crafters, designers and small business owners instead of large corporations - if you buy handmade you help someone live their dream.

* When you buy handmade art objects you are also getting a piece of the artist’s soul. Those who value handmade are usually eager to know about the artist that made their piece and they value the skill and passion that went into its creation. Handmade pieces have life, unlike items that are mass-produced by machines and basically untouched by human hands during the creation process.

* You are helping to promote local economies and fair trade. Investment in the creative sector brings a huge boost to the economic, cultural and social vitality of communities.
Handmade products are increasingly being made with recycled materials. This is excellent for the environment.

* You as the buyer vote with your purchase. This offers immediate feedback to the artisan and allows them to gauge which items to further develop. This feedback loop is vital to the handmade entrepreneur.

* Handmade items appeal to trend setters, not trend followers.

* Handmade items can push boundaries - they aren't in thrall to the dictates of the mass market.

* Handmade items can often be custom-made, fit, and colored, to the buyer's specifics or wishes making it even more unique and, often, practical.

All great reasons to buy handmade. That's why I love being a part of Etsy- even when you're shopping, you're contributing to a great community and supporting someone's dream. So keep these points in mind when shopping for gifts. Buy something unique, fun and thoughtful, and make an artist's day :)

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